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We are suppliers of the world best linear planning software ChainLink.
We provide software as well as planning services using ChainLink.

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Traditional CPM schedules fail to provide a visual connection between the planned schedule and the project itself. Using ChainLink for planning and controlling projects and it is a graphical representation of linear projects.

Over the past 20 years, ChainLink software has provided a simple add-on utility to our existing project management system (i.e. Primavera P6, MS Project). As a practical third-party tool, ChainLink can product quality Time Chainage Diagram in a time efficient manner.

Due to the lack of efficient Time Chainage diagram generator, most projects are still using MS Excel to draw the diagram or even done by hand. The biggest drawback of this method is that when project progress changes, relevant adjustment cannot be updated simultaneously, whereas ChainLink is nicely integrated with P6 and MS Project and can quickly update the data according to a management system.

ChainLink is focused on linear projects such as Highway, Railway, Pipeline, Tunnel, Bridge as well as Electrical Transmission line.



  1. Producing Time Chainage Diagram graphically rather than physically type all task details in table spreadsheet

  2. Import/Export function with existing project management system – XER import and MPX import

  3. Easily copy and paste data from management system to ChainLink using Clipboard import – for people that have access to P6

  4. Personalized Bar code library – can be used for different projects

  5. Display highlighted Critical Path on the chart

  6. Resource diagram available showing on the chart – Budgeted Cost, Labor Unit Histogram or S – Curve

  7. Schedule Comparison – allowing displaying Baseline schedule and current schedule together on the chart with different colour shades

  8. Demonstrate the non-working period and holiday period on the chart with a grey shaded area

  9. Location labels can be added on the chart according to Chainage, such as street or building names

  10. Text, notes and logos are also easily added on the chart

Through direct import from Excel, it is by far the easiest way for project managers to keep on track with the overall project schedule. At the same time, by comparing to schedule with P6 or MS Project, adjustment can be made for inappropriate assignments.


As the distributor of ChainLink in Australia and China, Javelin has extensive industrial experience of using ChainLink. For example, it has been widely used in Sydney Light Rail and Norwest Rail Link.

For the explanation of ChainLink in Chinese click here