At Javelin we provide services for Program Director, Program Manager and Project Manager roles, either on a short or long term contract arrangement to fulfil a temporary open position in your organization, or to support other services.

We can assign Program and/or Project Managers to your organization. These resources are assigned 100% (or as agreed), aiming at using existing PMO practices already in place. However, we can provide PMO functions and practices tailored to your business.

Javelin will take full responsibility for any task given by the client, including support to existing project management, change management and training. We can provide independent review and valuation of projects and programs, project ramp-up and risk management.

At Javelin we have more than 20 years’ experience in project management, and all our project managers have a solid technical engineering background in disciplines such as software engineering prior to transitioning into project management.

“A Project and Program Manager must be prepared to adapt to new evolving methodologies and environments”

Our managers are Certified Practising Project Directors and have international experience dealing with different cultures and practices.


Javelin Managers are accustomed to managing complex engineering projects, locally and internationally including:

  • Bidding tenders

  • Defence projects (Helicopter simulators, avionics systems, radar acoustic systems)

  • Defence Service Contract - Submarine Upgrades

  • Virtual prototype systems for the wireless and automotive industries

  • Research programs

  • Product Development (Finance, Defence, Toolkits)

  • Sub-Contract Management

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Through-Life Support (TLS)

Managing High Technology projects, programs or organizations

At Javelin we have extensive experience managing high technology organizations.

This type of organization is often driven by highly capable technical engineers, but with no real interest in Program Management.

“The successful outcome for any High Technology project, program or organization requires engaged and hands-on management “

We have the experience to “glue” the two functions together, and to provide open and transparent reporting between all levels in the company, particularly providing actual and up-to-date progress reporting to Senior Management and stakeholders.

We can put mechanisms in place to ensure stakeholders are informed of any concerns, risks and cost impact, including recovery planning related to any project on a weekly basis.

Javelin project and program managers will inject themselves into all critical components of a project and the organization. We believe in using exception management, and to do this we have developed reporting facilities and processes which can be introduced into any organization, either High Technology, Maintenance & Support or Through Life Support (TLS).

Javelin has extensive experience setting up and transforming organizations including rapid ramping up of staff.

Some of our experiences

We have more than 20 years’ experience in large Defence and Telco & IT programs.












We have gained invaluable experience working with defence companies on complex and high value programs such as the AIR87 TIGER Simulators to the Australian Defence Force, including working closely with Australian Defence personnel operating the mission critical systems.

There are no boundaries as to the type of projects we will take on



We have managed, operated, organized, negotiated and signed large crypto currency mining farms worldwide including the logistics associated with the shipment of many mining computers to the farms.


We work closely with Executive teams to address their objectives and operation needs including:

  • Prototyping Roadmaps

  • Technology Roadmaps

  • Technology Transfer of Unique and Emerging Technologies across the Organization and Strategic Partners

  • Secure Product Deliveries

  • Security Audit of Programs

  • Integration of large teams internationally

Managing Research projects, programs and organizations

At Javelin we have experience working with PhD-qualified scientists and researchers.

Many companies are today allocating large sums to research such as AI and Blockchain technology as part of their product and enterprise offerings.  Obviously this investment must be protected by patents.

“Disruptive Innovative and Technology solutions require research with measurable outcome”

The nature of the research activities is often without clear boundaries and goals and is tremendously cost absorbing.

Javelin has formalized the research process and has developed specific PMO services to manage large research teams and subsequently patent filings involving patent lawyers.

Our research processes are structured around the TEAL paradigm, using JIRA to manage the complex communication dialog between researchers, patent lawyers and other stakeholders.


We can manage the entire transformation from research (patent filing) into the product and development roadmap to the execution and delivery and launch of the product

We work closely with Executive teams to address their research objectives:

  • Research filing and grants 

  • Patent Portfolio Creation

  • Disruptive Innovative Solutions

  • Alignment and Audit of Critical Research


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