Strategic Business  Services

The prerequisite for transforming, establishing, restructuring and starting up complex and sophisticated R&D companies and departments is a comprehensive feasibility study.


We provide capability analysis, health checks and feasibility studies in preparation for alignment with your current and future strategic directions. 


At Javelin we have the experience, not only to produce the feasibility studies, but to execute and implement findings and agreed recommendations from those studies.


We understand the complex process dealing with technical staff, technical authority, financial authority and stakeholders as part of the feasibility studies.


Notably Javelin has prepared feasibility studies for companies providing disruptive innovative and technology solutions, merger and acquisitions of hi-tech companies and to identify technical flaws and security breaches. These studies were used to develop new technology roadmaps for complex products and programs by Javelin, with dependency on research and patent programs executed concurrently.    


We will present an objective and rational report to the executive team detailing strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, threats, resource loading, technical roadmap(s), alternative options, cost, ROI and risk exposure, aiming at deciding on an appropriate course of action for the prospect of ultimate success for the company.