Malacca Strait Gas Pipeline

project goal.png

Petronas Malaysia

Project Goal

Tested Gas Pipeline


$30 million

Project Background

Petronas Gas Berhard, Malaysia decided to build Gas Pipeline from Malaysian Mainland to Penang Island to supply gas for the newly built power station.

Project scope

Project Control Manager Service. The design of Total Project Control System, Construction Programs, Project progress control and reporting.Started 'On site' service and finished as 'Online' planning service.

  • Design and implementation Project Control Plan and Construction Execution Schedule for Gas Pipeline project.

  • Project progress monitoring and reporting weekly and monthly to client Petronas Gas Berhard, Penang Island, Malaysia

  • Supervision and training of middle management staff

  • Pipeline ling Barge procurement and construction

  • Horizontal under the sea drilling and pipe pulling

  • Concrete coated pipeline lying on the seabed.

  • Development of project monitoring Database, Program and Project Control Procedures